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Euobserver - Barroso fears lame-duck commission - Support for Lisbon Treaty drops in Ireland - Lisbon poll reveals growing optimism on economic crisis - Swedes plans big bang institutional summit in October - German parties find shortcut for Lisbon Treaty ratification
How have Ireland's concerns been met?
The Financial Times - Czech leader delays Lisbon treaty
The Irish Times - Support for Lisbon Treaty increases to 54%
The Guardian - Czech parliament puts doubts aside to ratify Lisbon treaty
BBC News - Czech Senate to vote on EU treaty
The Irish Times - Call to set date for Lisbon Treaty referendum
The Irish Times - Eurosceptic Klaus now occupies key position
The Irish Times - Czech PM must step down after vote - Summit to consider extending Commission's mandate
The Irish Times - FG MEP urges May date for Lisbon referendum - Czech saga further delays ratification of Lisbon Treaty - Czech lower chamber approves EU reform treaty
The Irish Independent - EU partners 'can't be rushed', so no early date for Lisbon II
The Irish Times - Autumn referendum for Lisbon Treaty still looks likely - German court wary of EU treaty power shift
The Irish Times - German constitutional court hears arguments for and against Lisbon - German court to begin hearing on EU Treaty - Commission denies Irish pro-Lisbon 'propaganda'
The Irish Times - EU publicity campaign to target Lisbon No voters
The Irish Times - Decisive shift in favour of treaty - poll