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Bosnia and Herzegovina risks losing visa-free status
Parliament to adopt 'six pack' EU budget rules
Greek finance minister tries to quash talk of ‘disorderly default’
Cyprus-Turkey gas dispute escalates
Keynote address by Ambassador Danièle Smadja at the international seminar "European Identity After Lisbon Treaty" in the JNU Centre for European Studies, 22 September 2011
EU states warned over 'messy' bilateral energy deals
Five EU countries oppose new rights on access to lawyers
May Europe 3.0 Step Forward
Michel Barnier: Stronger financial regulation is essential to protect us from a new crisis
Do we need one President for Europe?
Bulgaria and Romania's Schengen bid vetoed
Nemcova for combining votes on Croatia, Czech exemption
Dutch, Finnish accused of breaking promises on Schengen enlargement
Poland steps up efforts to allow Bulgaria and Romania into Schengen
Slovenia: EU bail-out ratification in danger
EU, China may launch investment pact talks
The Eurozone Crisis and the Future of European Governance: functional demands vs. cultural commitments, with politics as the battleground
Brussels to beef up EU criminal policy
Athens denies referendum on euro membership
Austria and Hungary seek EU help on human trafficking
Greece in limbo after EU conference call
Belgrade may boost ties with EU without recognising Kosovo
Turkey 'to freeze relations' with EU
The euro: Reaching the endgame?
Eurozone countries can't afford more fiscal stimulus