Article 43

1. The tasks referred to in Article 42(1), in the course of which the Union may use civilian and military means, shall include joint disarmament operations, humanitarian and rescue tasks, military advice and assistance tasks, conflict prevention and peace-keeping tasks, tasks of combat forces in crisis management, including peace-making and post-conflict stabilisation. All these tasks may contribute to the fight against terrorism, including by supporting third countries in combating terrorism in their territories.

2. The Council shall adopt decisions relating to the tasks referred to in paragraph 1, defining their objectives and scope and the general conditions for their implementation. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, acting under the authority of the Council and in close and constant contact with the Political and Security Committee, shall ensure coordination of the civilian and military aspects of such tasks.


  • Humanitarian and rescue tasks are included among the various tasks which could be covered by the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).
  • The final sentence of the article was added at the end of the Convention on the Future of Europe. It states that all the tasks listed in the article may contribute to the fight against terrorism.


  • The inclusion of humanitarian and rescue tasks within the tasks listed in Article 42(1) creates confusion between civilian and military means. It should not lead to the budget fir these tasks being mixed with the one for military interventions.
  • The use of humanitarian and rescue tasks in the framework of the fight against terrorism would run counter to the key humanitarian principles of neutrality and non-discrimination.