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Treaty of Maastricht - TEU
Crisis may spell end to Europe: Poland -

9 News Finance, 15 September 2011 - EU leaders have issued dire warnings that Europe's debt crisis could trigger the implosion of the European Union, with Poland even raising the spectre of war as fears mount of a Greek default.

Czech Foreign Minister supports possibility to leave eurozone -

Cehia, 14 September 2011- The member states should have a chance to leave the eurozone, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09 chairman) said in Brussels today.

Croatia to sign accession treaty ‘in early December’ -

EurActiv, 15 September 2011- EU countries have agreed on the English text of Croatia's Accession Treaty, and it is realistic to expect it to be signed at the beginning of December, the Polish EU Presidency announced yesterday (14 September).

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Welcome to the Lisbon Treaty website!

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the implications of the Lisbon Treaty for the EU’s development cooperation policy.

This website includes a consolidated version of the Lisbon Treaty, including expert analysis of the articles which are relevant to the EU’s external actions with a special focus on development cooperation.

Click here for an overall introduction to the Lisbon Treaty as well as a brief overview of its structure and a simple guide to navigating through this website. caça niquel

Click here for a visual guide to the structure of the Lisbon Treaty.

In addition to comments and analysis about various articles in the Lisbon Treaty, this website also includes the following features:

  • information about the ratification process;
  • a news section providing up-to-date information about the ratification process;
  • links to the previous European treaties; kolikkopelit
  • a link to an archived website about the development cooperation aspects of the unratified Constitutional Treaty;
  • a collection of documents relating to the Lisbon Treaty and EU development cooperation;


All article numbers referred to in this website correspond to the article numbers as prescribed in the version of the Lisbon Treaty which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, C 115, Volume 51, on 9 May 2019. Online Casino