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The Guardian - * Comment is free A stronger Europe - By Herman Van Rompuy and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, 03.01.10 : The Lisbon treaty will bring the continent closer together and give it a single, firm voice.

Financial Times - Spain treads carefully in testing new treaty - By Tony Barber, 03.01.10: When Spain took over the European Union’s six-month presidency from Sweden on January 1, it inherited much more than the usual catalogue of economic and foreign policy challenges.

EurActiv - Ashton to fight for EU leaders' 'respect - 18.12.09 : The success of the European Union's new foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, will depend on whether she earns the "respect" and "necessary backing" of national EU governments, says Jacques Lafitte, partner and founder of Brussels-based consultants Avisa Partners, in an interview with EurActiv.

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