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EurActiv - Regions hope to wield new powers with Lisbon Treaty - 10.02.10 : Despite having been largely ignored by commentators, regions believe the new Lisbon Treaty will empower them to become stronger players in EU decision-making, a EurActiv round-up has found.

EurActiv - EU leaders to meet amid fresh institutional doubts - 10.02.10 : A meeting of European Union leaders on Thursday (11 February) will attempt to breathe new life into the bloc's reformed institutions.

EUobserver - US blames Lisbon Treaty for EU summit fiasco - By Andrew Rettman, 03.03.10 : The US State Department has said that President Barack Obama's decision not to come to an EU summit in Madrid in May is partly due to confusion arising from the Lisbon Treaty.

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The Union's action on the international scene, pursuant to this Part, shall be guided by the principles, pursue the objectives and be conducted in accordance with the general provisions laid down in Chapter 1 of Title V of the Treaty on European Union.