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Europe is heading towards a directoire of the rich -

CIDOB, 15 November 2011- The Greek debt crisis and the fear of contagion in a number of European countries has resuscitated old controversies over the depth of the European integration and latent tensions that have been cumulating over the lifetime of the European Union.

Cameron: 'We sceptics' want a flexible Europe -

EUobserver, 15 November 2011- British Prime Minister Cameron has said his country should stay within the EU and shape decisions but would prefer a "flexible network" rather than the "rigidity of a bloc."

Merkel calls for political union to solve ‘Europe’s toughest hour’ -

FT, 14 November 2011- Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has called or Europe to build a “political union” to underpin the euro and help the continent emerge from its “toughest hour since the second world war.”

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