Analysis of Development Co-operation
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Romania reaches out for new 'precautionary' loan - 6 February 2011: Romania is about to sign a second, "precautionary" agreement with the EU and the International Monetary Fund worth €5 billion, with a first aid package agreed in 2009 set to run out in May, the country's president said on Sunday (6 February).

Merkel, Sarkozy outline competitiveness pact - 4 February 2011: Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, and Nicolas Sarkozy, France's president, today called on their eurozone counterparts to sign up to a new pact for closer economic co-ordination.

Europe bids to shake off foreign energy dependency - 4 february 2011: European leaders will on Friday endorse far-reaching moves to reduce dependency on Middle East oil and Russian gas, anchored in a significant new role for nuclear power generation.

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