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MEPs to set up anti-intergovernmentalism group -

EUobserver, 13.9.10. Alarmed at what they see as a rise in the European Union of 'intergovernmentalism', Guy Verhofstadt, the head of the liberal group in the parliament, and his Green counterpart, Daniel Cohn-Bendit are mounting a counter-offensive to promote the importance of the EU and its institutions. The fledgling group will be known as the Spinelli group, after the Italian political thinker Altiero Spinelli and one of the "founding fathers" of the EU.

Ashton to name ambassadors this week -

The European Voice, 13.9.10. Catherine Ashton, the European Union's foreign policy chief, plans to announce around 30 appointments to EU delegations around the world later this week, she said after an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers on Saturday (11 September).

EU ponders creation of new diplomatic breed. By Andrew Rettman - EUobserver, 4.6.10.  The phrase "EU diplomat says" regularly pops up in articles on EU foreign policy. But with the EU poised to launch its European External Action Service in the coming months, the question of what precisely is an EU diplomat is in the air in Brussels.

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