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Commission fights corruption: a stronger commitment for greater results

European Commission 6 June 2011: Today the Commission proposed a set of measures to address more vigorously the serious harm corruption causes to European societies – economically, socially and politically. Four out of five EU citizens regard corruption as a major problem in their Member State. Corruption is estimated to cost the economy of the EU €120 billion per year1. That is one percent of the EU GDP, and represents only a little less than the annual budget of the European Union. This makes it clear that there is a need for firm political commitment to fight this crime. The Commission is today taking a first step, by setting up a new mechanism, the EU Anti-Corruption Report, to monitor and assess Member States' efforts against corruption and encourage more political engagement. This will help Member States to better enforce legislation and fully implement their international commitments, as well as to improve the coherence of their anti-corruption policies and actions.